Female Ejaculation Explored

How To Female Ejaculate

  1. First, take time to get yourself aroused. Enjoy self-pleasuring or pleasuring with your partner, as you normally would, with whatever stimulates you - watching erotica may be especially arousing for you, especially if you can find videos featuring female ejaculation.
  2. Take out that well-loved lingerie, or just engage with your favorite fantasy. And see if you can have an orgasm before you try to find your G spot, because this will make finding it much easier.
  3. The best way to explore your G spot is to tease yourself to a high level of sexual arousal. When you're aroused, your G spot will be engorged with blood and feel smooth to the touch. Let your fingers explore your vagina.
  4. Use plenty of lube and feel all around the smooth walls of the vaginal barrel. Touch your cervix if you can reach it; if this experience is new to you, explore the different areas slowly and sensuously. Press your finger tips against the walls of your vagina and explore the texture of the various areas.
  5. Next, press your finger or fingers on the front wall of your vagina - in other words, the side nearest your belly button. Only a short distance inside - perhaps one or two inches - the surface of the vaginal wall will feel rather ridged and rough when compared to the remainder of the vaginal tissue (unless you're highly aroused already - in which case it may feel swollen and smooth).
  6. In any case, this area will feel different somehow to the rest of your vagina when you press on it. Press against that tissue and see how it feels. It might not enjoy it so much. It might feel insensitive or rather uncomfortable. It might make you think you need to urinate.....and, of course, it might feel very good indeed!
  7. Press harder, and see if you can feel your pubic bone. Hook your finger into the shape of a crook, as though you were beckoning someone towards you, and press there...see how that feels.... and, guess what?
  8. Congratulations, you just just found your G spot!
  9. The rough and ridged area that becomes smooth and engorged as you become sexually aroused, located on the front wall of your vagina is your G spot, also known as the female prostate gland or the urethral sponge. Think of it as a whole area, not just a small spot, and you'll be nearer the mark.
  10. Now, try using a sex toy. Though fingers are great G-spot stimulators, a lot of women find that it's easier to touch their own G-spot with a sex toy, and they certainly can provide strong, firm stimulation. Any dildo or vibrator with a distinct curve is a very good G-spot option.
  11. You could try the Orchid G and the Candy Colored Glass Dildo from Babeland...and many others. Experiment with various ways of stimulating your G-spot, and find the method that feels right for you.
  12. Choose the best way to make love - that is, the sexual positions most likely to give you an orgasm.
  13. Let The Ejaculate Flow!

  14. Some women will find that they have the ability to ejaculate easily when their G-spot is stimulated. But for most women, there are a few more steps involved in gaining the ability.....
  15. 1 Start by emptying your bladder. You don't want a fear that you are going to ejaculate urine to inhibit your responses......obviously, when the bladder is empty, there's no worry about peeing in bed. If youíre sexually aroused, stimulate your G-spot, until you feel a sensation similar to the need to urinate, but then continue stimulating yourself as you relax your PC muscles. You'll hopefully ejaculate.
  16. Make a mess and maximize enjoyment! Easy said, but for a lot of women, the fear of letting go and urinating - even though this is not, repeat not, urine - is so ingrained that it takes a bit of time and effort to get over it. We'd suggest that when you are enjoying this experience in bed, you place a towel or two under your butt.
  17. If you're still terrified of peeing, go into the bathroom, place a few towels on the floor or use the bath or shower tub. If you pee, so what? Trust yourself, relax, agree with yourself before you start that it just doesn't matter.
  18. After that self-stimulation, you felt great, yes? Now, if you get over that fear of peeing, you can relax, ejaculate, give yourself a real sexual high - believe us, this experience is worth it. And though some women do have massive ejaculations, most only shoot out a teaspoon or two, so it's a thrill rather than a spill!
  19. Now, you also need to decide that you'll make a conscious effort to bring about the ejaculation. So: stimulate your G-spot, relaxing your PC muscles, and enjoy that expectant "something is going to happen" feeling........and if nothing's coming out, push out with your pubococcygeus muscles. In this way, you'll probably push out the ejaculate. And - excitingly - you'll squirt or sprinkle it out rather than have a "gush".
  20. Last of all, try adding clitoral stimulation. While G-spot stimulation feels great, adding clitoral stimulation, via a tongue (someone else's!), a hand or fingers, or a vibrator can take you right over the top. Try combining a vibrator on your clitoris and vulva and a G Spot curved dildo in your vagina if you're on your own, and see whether that works better for you.

If you're with a partner, make sure he has sufficient skills in lovemaking to keep going - i.e. thrusting into you - for as long as it takes for you to reach orgasm, or if he can't do this, find him some premature ejaculation treatment that works instead!

And finally, suppose that after all this exploration, you decide you donít like G-spot stimulation or you haven't ejaculated?

Well, you have lots of new information about your body and what you like during sexual arousal. And it's worth trying your G-spot occasionally since sensitivity changes during your monthly cycle, or as your sexual experience changes.  Don't miss the chance of having your own splashy fun!

Female Ejaculation and The G Spot

When a woman enjoys female ejaculation, a clear watery fluid similar in composition to male prostatic fluid squirts with some force out of her urethra.

While some women ejaculate simultaneously with their orgasm, others discover that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate and distinct aspects of their sexual arousal.

In both cases G-spot stimulation is absolutely essential before ejaculation will occur - this is because G spot stimulation encourages production of ejaculatory fluid by the Skene's or paraurethral glands.

Lots of men and women alike are skeptical about the possibility of female ejaculation and some women even doubt the very existence of the G-spot!

If you need undeniable proof that both of these phenomena - the G-spot and female ejaculation - are undoubtedly real, get hold of Deborah Sundahl's video and book - both called Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot.

It features a scene in which you can really see the famed G-spot. And, what's more, during the course of this rather amazing film, you will see several women genuinely ejaculating. Itís a movie that probably will change your sex life for ever - and improve it beyond your wildest dreams!

Some women find that ejaculation comes naturally: many more women somehow taught themselves to stop themselves ejaculating because they believed that their ejaculate was urine.

If you're one of these women, just relax - put down some towels, get your lover on board and get started. Show him the film by Deborah Sundahl and he'll be keen for you to start, because bringing a woman to orgasm is a big thrill for a man, and helping her to female ejaculate will arouse him beyond belief!

The liquid thrill can spill, for sure, but it's easily dealt with - you just need to be relaxed about it. On the other hand, if you've never enjoyed the experience of female ejaculation, you can teach yourself (with the help of of a partner) by following these simple steps.

Pelvic muscles play a major part in whether you can ejaculate or not. If youíve never tried to do Kegel exercises, check out this website. If you wish to ejaculate, first of all, get your PC muscles in trim. itís really important to learn to relax your PC (pubococcygeus) muscles as well as being able to contract them.

Relaxing - also known as "pushing out" - your PC muscles will permit the flow of ejaculatory fluid from the urethra.

Try to get familiar with your PC muscles and work out if they tend to be relaxed or tight. If they are tense, you have to learn to relax the whole of your pelvic floor by doing Kegel exercises.

Happily, you can begin practicing immediately.

Second, another crucial element of female ejaculation is having your G-spot stimulated. First of all, finding your G-spot is relatively easy! If you enjoy vaginal penetration, the major part of that good feeling is most likely a G-spot sensation.

Finding your G-spot is more about discovering the subtleties of your own body than a quest for some magic "button" you've never seen or felt before. Here's how to go about it....

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