Your Favorite Sex Position?

Sex survey - conducted 2010. The answers are for men and women unless otherwise shown. There were 600 participants.

How often do you have sexual intercourse?

Once a month or less 13.0%
From 2 to 4 times a month 18.0%
From 5 to 7 times a month 17.0%
From 8 to 11 times a month 11.0%
12 or more times a month 41.0%

And how often do you use the following positions...

Man on top with both partners lying down (missionary) 17.0%
Man on top with woman's legs around man 15.0%
Man on top with woman's legs raised in the air 11.0%
Woman on top lying flat on her man, facing him 6.0%
Woman on top lying flat on her man, facing upwards 2.0%
Woman on top, sitting facing him 13.0%
Woman on top, sitting facing away from him 1.0%
Rear entry with woman kneeling 14.0%
Rear entry with woman lying flat on bed 6.0%
Kneeling 2.0%
Standing facing each other 4.0%
Standing with man behind woman 2.0%
Spoons - side by side, man behind woman, chest to back 5.0%
Spoons - side by side, man facing woman 2.0%

Do you ever fantasize about someone other than your partner when you are having sex with them?

Yes, often 13.0%
Yes, sometimes 11.0%
yes, occasionally 14.0%
No 62.0%

How often do you masturbate? (choose the nearest answer)

Every day 17.1%
Two or three times a week 22.4%
Once a week 11.8%
Once every ten days 3.9%
Once every two weeks 5.3%
Once a month 39.5%

When you masturbate, what do you fantasize about or use to turn yourself on and reach orgasm? (You can select as many answers as you want.)

Internet porn - very hard core (BDSM, etc) 10.5%
Internet porn - hard core (intercourse) 31.6%
Gay or bisexual porn 17.1%
Soft core porn (nudes) 11.8%
Fantasy about my partner 64.5%
Fantasy about other men 11.8%
Fantasy about other women 31.6%
Other fantasy 19.7%

Tell us about your fantasy!

  • the other times and places I used to have sex with my ex wife, like a 69 in the bush on a blanket along a back country road with all our clothes off, in the summer naturally..
  • I want him to lick all over me and them eat me then I will do him while he is rubbing all over me and then he will slowly get on top and and go slow while saying stuff like you feel that dick don't you? and also making me say his name and telling me it's good then turn me over and hit it from the back
  • Being held captive and used as a slave by a couple. They both use and abuse me. I'm into nearly everything
  • I see me and a girl I went to college with. We come out of a movie theater. She pulls me to the side (behind the theater or at my car). And she puts her hand down my shorts. She slowly pulls down my shorts and begins to suck on my dick. Then I undress her and she leans up against a wall or my car. I begin going doggy style on her.
  • having a foursome
  • my fantasy is to have my wife fuck other man and me with other women together
  • I imagine that I am having sex with my wife and other people as well in an exhibitionist setting or actual full on orgy. I fantasize about being involved in a DP with my wife or  woman in her 20's. Another fantasy is having sex with someone while engaged in another activity. For example, having my wife give me a BJ under the desk while I'm trying to do work or my taking her from behind while she's cleaning, talking on the phone, watching TV or even sleeping.
  • I fantasize my partner is sucking my dick
  • Being with two women at the same time
  • I imagine us taking turns doing rear entries, getting laid, groping each other, or just kissing.
  • her doing everything to me bj, tit wank, then begging for more
  • Good sex with my wife and new, fun sex with other female friends whose bodies I've seen but not yet had sex with
  • I'm bisexual so I want both a guy and a girl I want it rough at first then soft and then extremely rough I like to get spanked scratched bent over I love to eat pussy and suck dick I want it all and I do it all no matter how wild - I just love sex. We mentioned before that man on top sexual techniques can enhance a guy's tendency to premature ejaculation, so you might want to look at Ejaculation By Command and learn some tips for lasting longer!
  • having sex in multiple places like crazy
  • I like it when my partner gives me oral sex
  • We don't have much time with each other so my fantasy is to be with him for AT LEAST two whole days then I'll try anything ...
  • teachers, friends parents, generally women older than me
MEN: Do you ever have anal sex with your female partner?

Never 63.3%
Occasionally 15.0%
Sometimes 13.3%
Often 8.3%

MEN: Do you ever enjoy like to be penetrated anally?

Yes, while having sex 12.3%
Yes, while masturbating 10.5%
No, but stimulation around my anus is fun 19.3%
No 57.9%

How often do you have oral sex?

Occasionally 27.6%
Sometimes 23.7%
Frequently 25.0%
Every time we have sex 23.7%  

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