This test will determine the best sex positions for you, based on your personality,
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Are you a woman or a man?

Do you like the feeling of being the dominant partner during sex?
Yes, most of the time.
Only sometimes - or maybe never!
Just as much as my partner does!

Do you like to stick to a few favorite positions during your lovemaking?
Yes, generally.
No - I want variety and excitement all the time!

Do you enjoy changing positions during one session of lovemaking?
No, I want to know where I am and what I'm doing!
Yes, as often as I can!
From time to time as the mood takes us.

Do you enjoy deep penetration?
Wow! I love it! As deep as I can get!
Doesn't matter to me - it's the emotional connection that's important.

Do you generally prefer romantic, loving sex to raunchy, passionate sex?
Yes, that's what it's all
No - give me the action, hot and fast!
Depends what mood we're in.

Do you often have sex?
No - less than once every two or three weeks.
As often as possible!
About average, I'd say.

Are you turned on by the sight of your partner's body during lovemaking?
You bet!
Not especially, sex just has to feel good!

Do you like to relax during lovemaking, take it easy, slowly, and talk to your partner when you rest during intercourse?
Yes - that's half the fun, taking time to enjoy it.
No - I want to move fast and show what a great lover I am!

Do you like to kiss as you make love?
It's so romantic, we kiss a lot while making love.
There's plenty of time for kissing before we get to bed!
Well, not if we're having a quickie!

Do you like long foreplay?
It's absolutely essential - most of the time!
No - I usually just want to get down to the action.
Sure, sometimes it's nice to play around for a while before we have intercourse.

Do you come more quickly than you want to?
Well, don't we all?
No. I'm quite happy with the time it takes me to reach orgasm.
Depends how excited I am!

Do you want to enjoy simultaneous orgasm during intercourse?
That's the best way of loving.
No, it doesn't matter who comes first.

Do you like to try out new sex positions?
Yes, definitely.
I'm quite happy with what I know and love, thanks.

Are you and your partner fit and flexible?
More or less.....what did you have in mind?
Not like we used to be....
Yes, and lithe and supple!

Do you like to have sex out of the bedroom - in the kitchen, or the countryside, for example?
Yes, as often as we can!
No way - someone might see us!

Do you have an exhibitionist streak?
I don't mind admitting it, yes.
Nope. I'm a pretty straightforward kind of a guy/gal.

Are you shy when you're with a new partner?
It takes a while to relax, yes.
No.....throw caution to the winds and go for it, that's my attitude.

Are you in a long term relationship?

Would you say sex was mostly about meeting your physical needs (as opposed to bonding with your partner)?
No - it's about the bonding.
Forget that romantic stuff! Sex is all about satisfying your needs.
It's a bit of both, surely?

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