10 Great Sex Tips For Girls

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10 Great Sex Tips For Girls

Here are some things guaranteed to turn your man on – just remember you don’t have to be a good girl in bed, you can act like a porn star – and he’ll love you for it! And turning him on will turn you on, as you discover your sexual power. Now – get to work!

1 Be Enthusiastic About Sex!

Many women are a bit shy, maybe because they somehow learned that sex is not a high priority for “good girls”, but if you treat sex like it’s a chore, he’ll most likely be off to pastures new before long….so take a tip from the wild women of the bedroom and enjoy what feels good without holding back. And always show your partner how excited and aroused you are in both what you say and how you move. For a man, sharing a bed with a woman who isn’t into sex is like sharing a romantic dinner with someone who’s absorbed in the TV.

Make sure you take the initiative! So, for example, kiss him where it counts when he’s least expecting it (yes, down below). Or try sending him a sexy text around midday. Or when you’re in bed, send a thrill through him by looking right into his eyes and telling him how eager you are to have sex with him (use your own words here!)

2 Let Him Hear You!

Don’t worry that he’ll think less of you if you take a rampant, sexy approach to your lovemaking. Stop thinking that being enthusiastic about sex makes you a cheap slut – it makes you a sexy, wild, Goddess! Tell him what you want, where to kiss you, and how to do it – he won’t know otherwise. If you like oral pleasure, encourage him to give it to you; if you haven’t tried it yet, then make a date in your diary to explore the possibilities. When you’re turned on and you want something special, tell him!

Why not watch some tasteful porn that’s respectful of women. Maybe you can watch it with him and tell him what you want to try? If he knows you’re restrained in your sexuality, he’s most likely keeping his real desires to himself, and settling for second best. Now’s the time to throw off those inhibitions……

3 Love Your Body

Take it from me – he loves it. You think your hips are too big, your backside’s huge…blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, he gets turned on and wants to show you how much he likes your body, while you hold back because you think of your imperfections. Well, wild women know that men love sex — and when your thighs are wrapped around him, he doesn’t care a hoot what they look like. You gotta understand than men love sex, and they’re a lot less critical of your body than you are. When they’re going to get some pussy, they aren’t thinking about your dimples!

And if you really can’t get over it, use candles to give a soft glow that shadows out whatever you think of as imperfections. Give him the sight of you he craves and just be thrilled that you and your body are behind every moan and groan your man makes!

4 Know Yourself!

You just need to move out of that place where you think masturbation is embarrassing or shameful, and find out how to get off with the biggest orgasm you can! Even better – share it with your man – he’ll love you for it. You can work out what works for you by sensually fondling your body from thighs to breasts and everything else as well – make sure you know what feels good and how to bring yourself off.

But, if the manual approach leaves you less than climactic, find something else that works for you – maybe a vibrator from the online sex shop? When you’ve got the hang of taking yourself to the Big O, bring your man into the bedroom for a sexy one-on-one lesson.

And while we are on the subject of love, let me add that it is just as important for women to show their love as it is for men. Women sometimes feel they cannot show a man how much they love him - well, you need to. Because that is what he wants more than anything else in the world! Click for more about how and why men fall in love.

5 Get a New Bedtime Script!

If your language in bed wouldn’t make a nun blush, then you need to spice things up a bit. ”Oh, baby” just won’t cut it with most men! (Nor will “Oh, that feels so good!”) Did you know that just hearing you verbalize a few things about what you want and what you feel is enough to make him explode? No? Then try telling him ”Yes! Yes! F*** my hot, wet c***!” next time you’re having sex and be prepared for a massive explosion!

Get comfy with the sexy talk by writing it down and reading it out loud a few times. Then, when the shock of hearing yourself say these things is less, start in bed by asking questions such as, “Do you like it when I [insert verb of your choice here, the ruder the better] you, baby?” and take it from there……

6 Get a Little Uncomfortable!

How about dressing up a bit to tease him? Do you know how much sexual power you have over men yet? Maybe now’s the time to find out…..don some sexy but tasteful lingerie and keep your heels on during sex (or you could just ask him what he likes – it might surprise you!)

If nothing else, slip a thong on beneath your yoga pants, or meet him at the door wearing only heels and underwear. When you surprise him with something different and new, he gets the idea you think he’s worth it, which will spark his love and his sex drive. Have fun!

7 Use Some Fantasy!

Now we all know men have those rude fantasies…don’t we? Sex with two women and all the rest of it….So how about sharing some of your fantasies with each other? Don’t take offence at what turns him on. Just because he fantasizes about a threesome doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you…and most likely he wouldn’t really want to do it even if he got the chance.

As long as the boundaries of your relationship are firm and secure, sharing fantasy is healthy and natural. And to have a relationship in which the boundaries are firm, you need to have a foundation of love, supported by respect.

So why not talk him through a threesome or ask him to pretend he’s one of your fantasy men (well, you have those thoughts too, don’t you?) Sharing this stuff can spark amazing sex, and also – hush when you say it – also build trust and intimacy.

Better still, do some role play. Talk about boundaries before you start (some couples have a word to signal their partner to stop when it’s getting too much) and remember – you don’t have to participate in anything that makes you uncomfortable.

8 Get Creative!

If you have an idea of what works for your man, please tell me you don’t just do that again and again and…Oh. You do. So how about trying something new? Your partner has loads of hot spots, from his toes to the back of his neck — and half the fun of sex is finding out what turns each other on and what doesn’t.

Men’s nipples can be just as sensitive as women’s – so gently pinch or bite his nipples, kiss his chest and stroke his stomach (or anywhere on his body) with your nails. When you go down to his cock and balls, pay attention to all parts of his penis by gently tracing his balls with your tongue or pressing on his perineum (the skin between his penis and his anus).

9 Take Your Pleasure!

Sex is about giving and receiving. Make sure you get him to give you an orgasm with tongue, mouth or fingers if you don’t come during sexual intercourse – most women don’t, so that’s normal. If you’re not orgasmic (a surprising number of women aren’t) then check out ways to climax and make up for lost time as soon as possible!

10 Stop Doing Favors!

If giving him head (sucking and licking his penis) is a “gift” for some special day, you need a new attitude. Sexual desire and free sexual expression is not limited to men; and it certainly isn’t something that should be rationed. In fact, great sex – both the giving and the receiving – are essential to a full, satisfying life. Sexual women do things they know their partner will enjoy, and they ask for what they want in return.

No one wants to feel they’re being manipulated or that sex is a rationed commodity, a special gift that deserves favors in return. Simply find out what your man wants and likes, and if you’re comfortable with it, give it to him generously. Of course, he should reciprocate in the same way – taking out the trash isn’t a reason to give him a blow job!


Updated May 3, 2019