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A lot of people have asked me, over the years, how they can manifest a better sexual relationship.

explaining the mystery of sexMy answer is always the same: you basically know the idea behind manifestation, or you wouldn't be asking the question, so simply use those principles in exactly the same way that you would if you were trying to manifest something in material form.

In other words, the steps are the same for materializing something intangible like a better relationship, or even better quality sex, as they are for manifesting something like a new house, great prosperity, or a new car.

You visualize your objective, you summon up emotional energy which motivates you to go out and achieve your objective, you expect your objective to manifest in your world, and you take action which will enhance the chances of it arriving for you within the timescale you set.

Now one of the things that becomes immediately apparent here is that it's clear you have to know exactly what it is you want before you even start the process of manifestation.

In terms of a better sexual relationship, that could mean several things: it could, for example, mean that you found a partner with whom you could maintain harmonious relationships at all times, or it could mean you find a partner who gives you great joy – or of course, it could mean a partner who is able to satisfy your sexual needs, in an open and nonjudgmental fashion.

The reason I mention this is because before you start manifesting anything, you need to know exactly what it is that you're trying to achieve: a lot of people try to visualize a desired outcome without actually being clear about what it is that they are attempting to manifest in their lives!

I'm sure you can see that if you adopt this approach, the law of attraction, universal law though it undoubtedly is, is not going to respond to you very favorably.

And don't make the mistake of thinking that this implies the same kind of consciousness is at work here: there is in fact no consciousness at work other than the collective consciousness which is produced by the working together of billions of human minds on this planet. Since you are a part of that force, it follows that you can manifest whatever you want by influencing that energetic field to produce your particular requirements.

So in the case of a better relationship, or, more specifically, a better sexual relationship, you need to envisage exactly what it is you want in every aspect of the relationship.

And as you may also know, when trying to manifest anything it's obviously better to engage in visualization with the complete belief that you are already in possession of whatever it is you wish to enter your life. In other words, you act "as if" you already had your desired objective.

Now I know something about this, because I've been in this position myself, after the ending of one relationship, and no sign of another coming along.

What I did was to visualize myself in a relationship of great harmony and joy every afternoon for an hour for a whole three months – you may find people tell you that you can visualize your desired objective for only five minutes every day and it will manifest, and that may in fact be so...

But when I used the law of attraction - what I found is that because you need to be in a state of relaxation and meditation before visualization can alter the world around you, it's often much more useful to invest a large amount of time so that you can relax properly before starting to picture your desired outcomes.

Manifesting the perfect partner.

So all that said, let's distill it down again into summary form: the criteria which you are going to need to employ in the service of obtaining whatever you desire in your life.

First and foremost, you must have an absolutely crystal clear objective, and a time scale by which you wish to manifest your desires in your life.

Second is the necessity for providing your visualization and manifestation process with emotional energy in the shape of joy (or perhaps even anger) – but whatever form it takes, your emotion must be intense, and it must be directed out into the universal energy field at the same time as you express your desire.

Thirdly, you must expect your better relationship to actually manifest in your life – you may believe that it's possible for some people to obtain a better relationship by means of manifestation, but you may feel that that will not apply to you!

And fourthly, you must take action of some kind: in this context, action might include signing up for a dating service on the Internet, or attending some kind of social activities where you can meet prospective partners – but be aware you don't have to find the solution to your problems…

The point about action in the world is only this: that by taking action you demonstrate to the universal "guiding principle" that you are serious and can show determination to attain whatever it is that you are setting out to bring into your life.

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